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Kajaria Plywood Pvt. Ltd., draws its core strength from the rich experience of its parent company, Kajaria, India's No. 1 Tile Company.

Quality. Service. Innovation.

Wood panels & wood wall paneling has been done traditionally using solid wood timber but with gradual time lapse and with rising matters pertaining to solid wood availability, plywood panels have become the most preferred product nowadays. In a vast country like India where we have multiple climatic zones & environmental factors affecting product performance every day (humidity, moisture, flood, desert, snow etc.), wooden wall panels or decorative wooden panels needs to be carefully crafted as well as curated.

Not every other wood panel products which are made available in the market comply with such specific needs or undergo rigorous testing from time to time. KajariaPLY as a responsible brand understands all these critical factors and accordingly have developed customer-centric products. Right from careful selection of raw materials to individual veneer seasoning, KajariaPLY makes sure that only full core & full panel veneers are used for all plywood products. Similarly, all pinewood & hardwood timber for Block Boards as well as Flush Doors construction are carefully ripped and thereafter seasoned (kiln seasoning + air seasoning) for providing the best quality products.

The entire gamut of products comprising of Block Board, Waterproof Plywood, Hardwood Plywood, Moisture Resistant Plywood and Flush Doors are all made to deliver performance beyond expectations and comes with warranty coverage. Therefore, with customer centric approach along-with best-in-class manufacturing process, every KajariaPLY product has some unique features which makes them stand out in the market and rightly caters to the need of our Indian consumers.